dxyner (dxyner) wrote in fightdepression,

Actually sick now

I have been light headed and off balance all day today. I am hoping that this is merely a symptom of withdrawal from the antidepressants. I was advised by my doctor to take a couple of days off the stuff I was on before starting on the new stuff I'm supposed to be on. I can tell that there are some other symptoms of withdrawal, primarily feeling depressed and having to work doubly hard against the feeling that there is nothing I can do about it. I did manage to clean the living room today, and take down the Christmas decorations. I got a bit of art done too. I know that in an objective reality things are okay...

In my present state of mind, I feel very very isolated and desperate for contact with people I am unable to talk to.

It's time to give up on productivity for the day. Time instead for supper and movies and an attempt at sleep...
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