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Going to start taking meds.

I'm going to start taking Wellbutrin XL, which my doctor prescribed to me today. I'm hoping it will help lift the depression I've had building up since I was about 11 years old. I'm 20 years old right now and this is the first antidepressant I'm every going to take. I've been to see a counciler and I decided it just wasn't helping so I'm going to try pills.

I'm actually very anxious about starting to take these pills. I'm worried about the side effects. I haven't really read any horror stories about Wellbutrin.

At the same time though I'm kind of excited and don't know what exactly to expect. I want to stop feeling like crying 24/7 and feeling like life is meaningless. I want to be interested in the things I used to love again.

Does any one else take or know anything about Wellbutrin XL?
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Haven't been on Wellbutrin myself. Have friends who are. Has a reputation for being decent on side-effects -- no weight gain, no sexual dysfunction, sometimes messes with sleep patterns but not as much as SSRIs.

The main thing about any antidepressant -- you should have been told this already, but still -- is that different people react very differently to them, both in terms of side-effects and whether they actually help or not. If it doesn't help, don't despair of medication entirely; I didn't click with a med until my third.

The other main thing is that you shouldn't expect instant results, and you may not get very much effect at all on the starting dose. The other other main thing is that even if they're utterly horrible you should come off them gradually. (As I said, this is basic basic stuff, but it's commonly ignored, so.)

More or less all antidepressants slightly increase the suicide rate. It's not a major concern -- at least partly a reflection of the fact that suicide takes effort and resources that you can't summon up if you're catatonic most of the time -- but bear it in mind, nonetheless.

Are you still seeing the counselor? Your best chance with depression is generally to use every tool you've got. (If your counselor just wasn't very good, that's another issue.)
as a personal experience, wellbutrin has had the least side effects of any antidepressant i've ever been on (and over the course of ten years i've been on many.)

its also one of the only ones that helped me out, when others did nothing (in combo with a second med..) so i kind of give it two thumbs up for that :)

there is an lj community for people who take, want to take, or once took wellbutrin wellbutrinusers though i dont know how much it gets updated