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Going to start taking meds.

I'm going to start taking Wellbutrin XL, which my doctor prescribed to me today. I'm hoping it will help lift the depression I've had building up since I was about 11 years old. I'm 20 years old right now and this is the first antidepressant I'm every going to take. I've been to see a counciler and I decided it just wasn't helping so I'm going to try pills.

I'm actually very anxious about starting to take these pills. I'm worried about the side effects. I haven't really read any horror stories about Wellbutrin.

At the same time though I'm kind of excited and don't know what exactly to expect. I want to stop feeling like crying 24/7 and feeling like life is meaningless. I want to be interested in the things I used to love again.

Does any one else take or know anything about Wellbutrin XL?
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