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you're such a negative person...

(Xposted in my own journal)

For many years people have told me that they think I'm a negative person... too moody...never enough happy things to share....

Over on the FB I can post a cryptic blurb about how shitty my day is, and I'll have 4 or 5 replies within an hour. I can bitch about something irritating that happened at the grocery store and there will be a half dozen people chiming in to agree that it's annoying or share their own anecdotes of annoyance. I post a link to my brand new photography portfolio, a work of art and effort, where I not only took all the photos myself, but built the entire website by myself in 4 days, and there is not a single reply to come in in the past 5 hours.

To someone who feels so often overlooked, ignored, insignificant in the throes of depression, you tell me which behavior is going to be the more desirable...

Fuck! I suppose now I should apologise for my negativity...
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